Becoming a member

Become a playing member for € 190 per year, or a practice member for € 115 euro per year.
If you are a student in possession of a WUR-sports card, you can get a €30 refund through Thymos.
If you become a member halfway through the year (after the 1st of July), you will pay half the membership fee. You can join three practices before deciding to become a member.

Download the membership form, fill it out and subsequently send it to

Membership cancellation

Membership can exclusively be cancelled in written form by sending an email to the secretariat. Oral cancellation, cancellation by phone, or through third parties is not possible.
Membership fee will be charged as long as the membership is not cancelled.

Cancellations for the upcoming season have to be submitted before the 1st of December.
If a membership is cancelled before the 1st of July, 2/3 of the membership fee will be charged.

Membership modification

Membership modification, e.g. from playing to practice member, can be requested exclusively in written form at the secretariat by sending an email. Oral requests, requests made by phone, or through third parties are not accepted.
If an official request for membership modification has not been made, the fee for the registered membership will continue to be taken. It is therefore important to arrange any request for modification through the official channels and on time.