Protocol playing softball responsibly

This protocol is drafted for softball practice during times of Corona. It is based on the sports protocols of NOC*NSF, KNBSB and directions of the municipality. This protocol may be adjusted at any time considering new developments. Any adjustments will be communicated to our members at all times. In case of questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Stay home if you have experienced any of the following symptoms (including mild ones) in the past 24 hours: nose cold, coughing, shortness of breath or fever.
  • Stay home if any member of your household (or student house) has a fever (>38°C) and/or experiences shortness of breath. If your entire household is free of complaints for 24 hours, you are allowed to go outside and play sports.
  • Stay home if any member of your household (or student house) has been tested positive on COVID-19. Since you can develop illness up till 14 days after your last contact with this person, stay home up till 14 days after the last contact when this person was contagious (follow the advice of the GGD).
  • Stay home for at least 7 days after the results of a positive COVID-19 test (determined by a lab test).
  • Stay home as long as you are self-isolating, due to contact with a person that has been tested positive on COVID-19.
  • Go home immediately during a practice when you develop complaints such as: nose cold, coughing, shortness of breath or fever.
  • Keep 1.5m distance (two arm’s length) from any person that is not a part of your household (or student house).
  • Cough and sneeze in your elbow and use paper towels (and disinfect your hands immediately afterwards).
  • Use your toilet at home before heading to practice.
  • Wash your hand with water and soap at home before and after practice.
  • Put on your sports clothes before heading to practice. Individual sports are not allowed at the sports park and not all sports are allowed to restart practice. As such, the municipality has requested that all attenders of our softball practices are clearly recognisable. We ask everyone to wear a part of your game outfit, preferably the Matchmaker jersey. This enables the enforcers to quickly determine who is playing softball with us and who might not belong on the field (if you do not possess any Matchmaker attire, a red or red/black shirt suffices).
  • Coaches will wear a vest to be recognisable on the field.
  • Bring a means of identification; ID-card, passport or driver’s license. We realise that this can be forgotten quickly when attending the practice dressed in sports clothes.
  • Put your belongings at 1.5m distance from other people’s belongings.
  • Disinfect your hands at the storage, let them dry properly and put on gloves afterwards (batting gloves of disposable gloves).
  • Do NOT touch your face after disinfection and after putting on your gloves. Disinfect again if this happens (un)consciously.
  • Take of your gloves after practice and disinfect your hands.
  • The canteen is out of use.
  • ONE person retrieves the material from storage. ONE person stores it back. Of course, everyone helps to move the materials to and from the field.
  • Club materials, i.e. helmets and catcher outfits, are currently not in use.
  • Balls are not disinfected, but are kept apart when they have come in contact with skin. These balls will remain unused for a week.
  • The coaches, Karin and Maarten, provide practices that guarantee the enforcement of the 1.5m rule.

We ask for your understanding that practices will be different than you are used to.